Cafè and Lounge Franchise

Café and Lounge business in India

One venue, diversified food options and drink and a flexible ambience. Café by day and Lounge by the night. Something which is becoming a lucrative business these days. But a very challenging one though.

Imagine you open a café where in you provide food and drinks options along with free Wi-Fi service for few hours and no dress code. But then, your selling factor would be only free Wi-Fi for a few hours. And now, what if you transform that café into a lounge by night with a great ambience, dress code, exotic food and delicious drinks? Within 3 hours, between 10-1 PM, you will be able to recover that cost.

And not just good food and drinks, Café and Lounges have now been transformed. Now you can find live band performances, comic artists and fashion launch parties.

Under one roof, you get a chance to cater a diversified customer base, which is professional by the day and a party animal by night! From Bhaji to Biryani, everything is served under one roof which makes customer comes back to you again.

To attain such a band of loyal customers who can swear by your impeccable service, Cybiz Corp gives you guidance on how to maximize your profits during day time and night time both. From different menu to managing the crowd and staffing solutions, Cybiz Corp gives you all necessary equipment and skills to cater to a diversified crowd. A crowd that can make your business or break your business. How to cater to such a crowd and extract profits is one skill that competitors haven't been able to learn! And that is the asset we cash on.

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