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Cybiz Super Brands is the Food & Beverage Division of CybizCorp and specializes in Franchising, Licensing and Channel Distribution in verticals like Business Services, Retail and Food & Beverages industry.

A sister concern of Cybiz Corp, Cybiz Super Brands specializes in franchising mainly in the Food and Beverages industry and Retail. Cybiz Super Brands has the Master Franchising rights of various brands like Café Out of the Box, The Embassy and Molecule Air Bar. Apart from this the company also represents several national brands like The Munich & The Chatter Hub.

About CybizCorp: We operate with aid from its affiliate firm P.K.Chopra & Co. Over the years, CybizCorp and P.K.Chopra & Co. have emerged as trusted partners that have together built a brand that continuously re-defines the outsourcing paradigms in the domain of Consulting, food & Beverage, and other Business Services.

In Although the Founder and Chairman, Mr. Sam Chopra, founded CybizCorp in 1996, the trajectory for CybizCorp was laid out more than 50 years ago in 1963, when Sam's father, Mr. P.K.Chopra, established P.K.Chopra & Co.

In the 1960s, P.K.Chopra & Co. provided management consulting services like Assurance, Tax and Consultancy. During the 1970s, it expanded its footprints in Nepal and Bhutan as Entry Strategy Consultants, and in the 1980s, it tied up with world's largest consulting company and 5th largest accounting practice known as BDO, and the world's largest hospitality consulting company Horwath International.

In 2013, CybizCorp added Business Services, food and Beverage (F&B) and Retail to it's Franchise consulting division and in 2014, it further strengthened its position in the F&B sector in 2014 by taking the Master Franchisee of the Lazeez Affaire Group (LAG). Today, LAG operates more than 20 fine and casual dining restaurants across Delhi and NCR region.

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